Grading Information

There are multiple reasons to purchase a refurbished laptop, with a cheaper price being just one of the many benefits.  In this article, we will explain the different grades of refurbished devices and what that means for you. 

How Are Refurbished Laptops and Computers Graded?

There is a huge misconception that buying a refurbished PC means that you will receive a faulty product. In fact, refurbished computers and other devices such as tablets go through a rigorous testing and grading procedure to assess their quality and to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Each device is inspected by our refurbishment team, both externally and functionally, to ensure it meets our minimum requirements for sale on the website.

Refurbished Grades

Refurbished grades allow you to quickly understand the state and quality of a reconditioned product. The refurbished grade reflects any scuffs, scratches, or faults of the device and explains the extent of the issue at hand.

Refurbished grades have become a quality standard in the refurbishment industry in order to accurately communicate what a consumer can expect from a repaired device, regardless of which company or brand they use.

Grade A – Excellent Condition

Grade A refurbished laptops or desktops will be in great condition! Grade A refurbished laptops mean that the device will be almost new, with only minor cosmetic marks due to general wear and tear. All of the components and hardware will be in good working order, without any known faults or issues.

The wear on the keys will be barely noticeable

Laptop hinges will be as new, and the ports will have very minimal signs of use, including the scratching that often occcurs with use

The screen will have no scratches or blemishes.

The case on Desktop PC's will have no dents or scratches.

Grade B – Good Condition

Grade B refurbished devices are in relatively good condition. Grade B refurbished laptops are considered fairly middle of the road amongst repaired devices. The device will most likely have some obvious signs of use, such as clear scratches or slight  dents to the casing, however, this will only be cosmetic damage and will not affect the function of the machine.

These laptops, desktops, and tablets are often available at a reasonable price point, especially compared to a Grade A or open box device. This grade is typically ideal for students, Home users or Businesses that need a laptop to move around campus and anticipate bumps occurring but still want to have a sleek looking device.

Laptop case will have clear scratches or slight dents. 

There may be minor scratches to the PC case 

  The screen and speaker will be free from damage

  Minor wear on the keys